Iron Man V2 #7 (HR)

“Look, I found Kryptonite!”

Iron Man Vol. 2 #7

Marvel Comics (May, 1997)

“Look Back In Anger”
PLOT: Scott Lobdell & Jim Lee
SCRIPT: Jeph Loeb
PENCILER: Wilce Portacio & Ryan Benjamin
INKERS: JD, Scott Williams, Saleem Crawford, Sandra Hope, & Peter Guzman
COLORISTS: Joe Chiodo & Martin Jimenez
LETTERER: Albert Deschesne
EDITOR: Mike Heisler

The Mandarin scolds Madame Hydra for trying to kill Tony. Sitwell plans to use concentrated gamma radiation to force Doc Samson to give up Bruce’s location. Meanwhile, Tony works to build a new base for the Avengers and Pepper and Happy get some “happy time” until someone is armor attacks and kills Happy thinking he’s Tony.

The heck with format, my opinion isn’t changing from every other issue. The ideas are good, the dialog is weak, and the art is horrible. Interesting that the Mandarin can “change form” and Sitwell is a scumbag, plus the armor that attacked Happy looks just stupid, but otherwise it’s the same crap, different issue number.

Just more proof that Heroes Reborn was an interesting idea ruined by the wrong writers and artists.

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