When it comes to Friday Night Fights I like to find the somewhat different fights, where the fist, foot, or weapon/superpower isn’t the primary tool. Tonight I found one of those for you. If you recall my look at the Giant Batman Annual at the beginning of the week you may remember one of the stories was how the Bat-Signal saved the day. Let’s see that in action.

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“Battling Jack” round 10

The Battlefield: Detective Comics #164 (DC Comics; October, 1950), as reprinted in Giant Batman Annual #1 (DC Comics; 1961–replica edition 1999) “Untold Tales Of The Bat-Signal”

The Promoters: uncredited writer, Lou Schwartz (penciler) and Charles Paris (inker)

Reporter Dave Purdy is charged by his editor to find a story where the Bat-Signal alone saved the day. His efforts have been in vain, so he’s settling for covering a limited display of the Bat-Signal at a museum because I’m sure they won’t need it to call for Batman and Robin to help, right? There were some weird decisions made in the 1950s. Like when Tiger Bishop escapes prison and decides to hide in the very same museum.

FNF Murdock 10

Wait, a story in which Batman is hurt? You’d never see Captain Preparation doing that today.

It may have been Purdy’s fist that took out Batman, but I’m giving this win to the Bat-Signal. It deserves a bonus.

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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I also avoided the “blind as a bat” joke. Never say I didn’t do anything for you.

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