Godzilla #7 (Marvel)

The prototype Jaeger.

Godzilla #8

Marvel Comic (February, 1978)

“Birth Of A Warrior”
WRITER: Doug Moench
PENCILER: Herb Trimpe
INKER: Fred Kida
COLORIST: Janice Cohen (still on the black & whites)
LETTERER: Glenn Simek
EDITOR: Archie Goodwin

Somebody forgot to tell somebody that the holding area they created for Godzilla was right next to a nuclear missile base, and guess who’s ticked off and heading right for it. Rob’s interfering with the robot means now only he can operate it. Dubbing it “Red Ronin”, Rob steals it again in the hopes of stopping Godzilla without hurting him…too much.

What they got right: As a fan of both MechaGodzilla and Jet Jaguar, seeing a robot designed to handle kaiju make me happy. Red Ronin was based on a samurai and (according to Moench) Rob names him after the masterless samurai “ronin”. Yeah, the kid’s got issues but his heart is in the right place. Plus what 12 year old (who is probably reading a Godzilla comic) wouldn’t want to pilot a giant robot? I actually got to see a color version of Ronin’s debut in another article and the coloring is pretty good. I wish I was using a color version.

What they got wrong: The whole nuclear missile base thing comes out of nowhere; even Dum Dum is upset they’d put it there and nobody knew about it. There was no indication last issue and it feels like a forced conflict.

Recommendation: Things are about to get interesting. As the build-up this is worth picking up.

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  1. webfox100 says:

    Check out these lists from Comic Book Resources about top 5 fights in the Marvel comics. There are some color scans.
    List 1 http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2014/05/18/top-five-greatest-monsters-marvel-created-to-fight-godzilla/
    List 2 http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2014/05/15/top-five-greatest-godzilla-fights-against-marvel-heroes/
    I can’t wait until you talk about the Beta/Mega-Beasts.


  2. […] machines there was also the Shogun Warriors toyline and Marvel Comic, the latter also creating Red Ronin and decades later the Mega […]


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