Superman & Bugs Bunny #1

“Why not? We gave one to Guy Garnder.”

Superman & Bugs Bunny #1

DC Comics (July, 2000)

“The DC Super Heroes Meet The Looney Tunes!”
WRITER: Mark Evanier
LAYOUTS: Joe Staton
FINISHERS: Tom Palmer & Mike DeCarlo
COLORIST: Trish Mulvihill
LETTERER: Phil Felix
EDITOR: Joey Cavalieri

After Superman tricks Mxyzptlk back into the fifth dimension again, but his trip is sidelined by the Do-Do, who is having trouble pulling tricks on people in the Looney Tunes universe after Wackyland is turned into condominiums. So the two come up with the plan of sending the Looney Tunes to the DC Universe, and Mxyzptlk wants to further cause trouble by swapping Superman with Elmer Fudd!

What they got right: This is a crazy idea but there were still people who believed in fun in the DC offices at the time (unlike today) so  it works. I could see Mxyzptlk bringing cartoon characters into Superman’s world, since he’s done so before. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

What they got wrong: I know it’s hard to find someone even close to Mxyzptlk when it comes to powers and mischievousness..okay, that last one is actually too easy. So I guess the Do-Do would be the closest thing they have. But why is he in black and white? He’s had color appearances, in the remake of the Wackyland cartoon and in Tiny Toon Adventures.

Recommendation: It’s the DC Universe mixing with the Looney Tunes. You’re either on board with that or you’re not.

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