No I’m not swiping Slay’s title act, but what else could I call this one? Last week I won by using a match that was more on the cerebral side…and still involved beating someone up. But I’m weird like that. This week, however, it’s all in the physical word. In one corner you have a giant robot, in the second you have a giant Sasquatch, and in the third corner the forever reigning King Of The Monsters! Now since the rules require consecutive panels and the story is interrupted by the rafters subplot, we’ll see the final moments of the fight but is there really a dull moment in a fight like this?

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Boogaloo” round 2

Fun fact: I keep wanting to write “Bugaloo” and I’ve only seen the intro to that show.

The Battlefield: Godzilla #11 (Marvel; June, 1978) “Arena For Three!”

The Promoters: Doug Moench (writer); Herb Trimpe (artist), Fred Kida (inker), Mary Titus (colorist), and Irv Wantanabe (letterer)

In the course of the combat Rob, in control of Red Ronin, kept trying to stop Godzilla and Yetrigar from fighting each other. Rob assumed Yetrigar was another “poor unfortunate” like Godzilla. Remember that this a 12-year-old boy, even if the art makes him look a bit older. This resulted in Rob and Godzilla fighting each other and Yetrigar getting popcorn or something and waiting them out.

Maybe he just wants a  hug?

Maybe he just wants a hug?

But Yetrigar has a little for Godzilla, too.

How often do you see Godzilla getting cold-cocked by a Bigfoot?

How often do you see Godzilla getting cold-cocked by a Bigfoot?

It’s only now, when both he and Red Ronin are weak and Godzilla is injured does Rob realize “you know, no matter why it is, maybe Yetrigar’s just psychotic?”

Gundam Style

Gundam Style

Then we check in on the rafters and this follows with Rob having Red Ronin bury Yetrigar in a rock slide and deciding that because he killed something (an evil something but still…) it might be best to disappear. Don’t worry, they’ll be back.

click to vote in this week's tournament

click to vote in this week’s tournament

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