Superman & Bugs Bunny #2

The most hair Elmer’s had in a long time.

Superman & Bugs Bunny #2

DC Comics (August, 2000)

“The Wast Son Of Kwypton!”
WRITER: Mark Evanier
LAYOUTS: Joe Staton
FINISHERS: Tom Palmer & Mike DeCarlo
COLORIST: Trish Mulhill
SEPARATIONS: Digital Chameleon
LETTERER: Phil Felix
EDITOR: Joe Cavalieri

Flash has a run-in with the Road Runner and Wile E. Kyle Rayner is tricked by Marvin The Martian. Looney Tunes are appearing and disappearing all over the place but Mxyzptlk and Do-Do are showing signs of not getting along. That won’t stop them from transferring Superman’s powers to Elmer Fudd just as the Toyman goes after the Metropolis Armory and has a gun that might spell the end of Elmer and Bugs. Then the pranksters point their attention to Batman and Daffy.

What they got right: It’s kind of funny watching the heroes get all confused about the cartoon characters showing up, and then watching Do-Do prank Mxyzptlk. How often does Mxy get pranked?

What they got wrong: How does Kyle, a cartoonist, not recognize Marvin but Aquaman immediately recognize Yosemite Sam?

Recommendation: Two issues in and I’m amused. I’m hoping the story goes somewhere in the next issue. (I haven’t read this since it came out.)


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