Batman '66 #12

At first I thought this was going to be a ’66 version of the Royal Flush Gang.

Batman ’66 #12

DC Comics (August, 2014)

COVER ART: Michael & Laura Allred
COLORIST: Tony Avina
LETTERER: Wes Abbott
EDITOR: Jim Chadwick
“The Queen Of Diamonds’ Big Heist”
WRITER: Jeff Parker
ARTIST: Dario Brizuela
“To Be Or Not to Be”
WRITERS: Art Baltazar & Franco
ARTIST: Ted Naifeh

Marsha, Queen Of Diamonds, is still after the Bat-Diamond…and this time she gets it. Her Aunt Hilda has created a potion that slows people down, which helps the villainess create a drilling machine that takes them right into the Batcave!

What they got right: Some of the ways they come up with insuring that Marsha can get into the Batcave but not uncover Batman and Robin’s real identities would be silly in anything other than the 1966 Batman series. I don’t remember the character or her brood so I can’t comment on their portrayal but I liked them as villains here. Also, clever means of victory on Batman’s part.

What they got wrong: There’s a word balloon on the last page clearly meant for Robin but was accidentally pointing at Hilda.

In the second story the Minstrel takes Bruce’s Shakespeare bust, not knowing that it holds the remote button to the secret Batcave entrance. With no way into the cave, the Dynamic Duo use “prototype” costumes and Batmobile to recover their property. This is quite the theme this issue, isn’t it? Stealing from Batman, I mean.

What they got right: The Minstrel I somewhat remember and that seems close. In theory I do like the story, and the button in the bust being a remote makes sense. I wonder what the limit is? I think it’s an excuse to put “Adam West” and “Burt Ward” in costumes matching the old serials, which was neat. We even get a retro Bat-Mobile (which unlike the serials resembles the older Batmobile).

What they got wrong: For this to work Baltazar & Franco had to forget that Alfred has his own entrance to the Batcave that doesn’t require the bust. Also, and this is true for the other story this issue, does the Batcave have outer doors inside the cave or something? I don’t remember seeing anything other than the road sign that falls down but admittedly that makes sense even if the TV show never brought it up.

Recommendation: Two pretty good ’66 style stories worth checking into.


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