Fury Of Firestorm #6

“Dude, maybe you should shave your legs.”

The Fury Of Firestorm #6

DC Comics (November, 1982)

“The Pandrakos Plot”
ARTISTS: Pat Broderick & Rodin Rogriquez
COLORIST: Gene D’Angelo
LETTERER: Adam Kubert
EDITOR: Len Wein

Firestorm is able to stop the Pied Piper from using the magic pipes, which disappear when out of his hands. After some kissie-time with Lorraine he feels bad and, at the professor’s urging, calls Doreen and finally gets through a reconnection…putting Ronnie in a very weird love triangle. But that takes a back seat to the Piper turning into a Satyr! The mysterious vendor Pandrakos is actually Pan, who had plotted to turn all of Congress into Satyrs until the Piper’s interference. Firestorm is able to defeat him, breaking the spell on the Piper and the boatman Pan was controlling.

What they got right: I like how this time it was Martin who called Firestorm together at a bad time for Ronnie, instead of the other way around. A little unintentional payback? The story itself was a good idea that was executed well.

What they got wrong: We don’t actually see the Pied Piper back to normal. Should we assume that since the sailors are fine he and the guy Piper met in Greece are back to normal?

Recommendation: Well, I finally got to review the second half of a story and it’s a pretty good one. I’m not sure you need #5 to follow #6, although 6 does conclude the story from the previous issue. It’s a good read.


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