The Real Ghostbusters #18

That joke kind of tells itself.

The Real Ghostbusters #18

As you can guess, it’s based on the animated series while the IDW books ignore it in favor of the movies, which sadly ignored the cartoon.

NOW Comics (February, 1990)

“Creeping Suburbia”
WRITER: James Van Hise
PENCILER: Phillip Hester
INKER: Jim Brozman
COLORIST: Suzanne Dechnik
LETTERER: Joseph Allen
EDITOR: Katherine Llewellyn

Winston tries to take a vacation in a remote part of Florida. Unfortunately for him it happens to be where a colony of space alien refugees are hiding out and their enemy has found them. Mistaken for the enemy at first, Winston teams with the protectors of the refugees to stop them, but their communication signals were intercepted accidentally by Ecto 4 (a satellite) and that brings the other Ghostbusters to the rescue.

What they got right: It’s good to see Winston get his own story. I don’t know how the comic treated him but the cartoon treated him like a member of the team while in the movie he…let’s be honest, at best Winston is “there” in the films. He’s barely even the straight man to the antics of the others. I like the design of the evil invaders.

What they got wrong: Except Winston doesn’t actually do anything other than not get stunned by the bad guy and dance around not knowing the others were coming to actually save his butt with their proton packs. Having Winston find a way to defeat all of the aliens (like he did the guy in the house acting as spotter, whose appetite proved his undoing) would have been more interesting that the other three just happening to find out something weird was going on and taking over the end of the story.

Recommendation: It’s not a bad story but not the issue you want to start reading this run from. It may not be bad but it isn’t that great and probably isn’t typical since the Ghostbusters fight aliens instead of ghosts. Actually, I looked over a few issues online and I don’t think I want to bother with the run.

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