Well, since we’ve had videos all week why not an article in the Saturday slot?

Robotech II: The Sentinels

Robotech II: The Sentinels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The late Carl Macek’s plans for Robotech went beyond merging three series out of necessity to create a unique continuity. He wanted to expand on that. Sadly, Robotech II: The Sentinels hit a wall and the franchise was stuck on that wall for years, outside of the video games and merchandise. One of those was a series called Robotech Academy and Harmony Gold has decided to look into running with it, using Kickstarter to gauge support for the series.

Unfortunately I can’t post the video because of embed rules of my provider. It’s in Kickstarter’s format rather than a YouTube or other site posting and I can’t embed that. From what I can tell, however, the story is set either before or during the events of Sentinels, which have been revealed in novels, comics, and the few produced episodes merged into a direct-to-video movie. (I wish they had made it because all I’ve seen and heard of it looks great!) It is supposed to follow the children of the next generation, how many of them will be direct decedents isn’t mentioned. Personally, I’d rather it just be Dana because if they’re all kids of the original characters I’d lose interest.

Another possibility is that it takes place after The Shadow Chronicles, where everyone finally got back home and prepared for the Halcyons, who were now evil. Nothing has been revealed except the Academy gets warped somewhere (because humans just can’t seem to get hyperspace folding right in the Robotech Universe) and that the threat isn’t the Invid, as it was in Sentinels and my favorite of the wars, the third/The New Generation time period. Whatever the case check out their campaign and see if it excites you.

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