If you get this reference, congratulations, you're old.

If you get this reference, congratulations, you’re old.

Yep, it’s convention time again. Next weekend (July 10-13, so a bit longer than the weekend) is ConnectiCon 2014, and I still have panels from 2013 to edit because everything’s been out of control all these months. Nothing I can really do about that.

However, because of everything I don’t have a Clutter Report and Reviewers Unknown has the same Press Junket flood I had on the site this week. I’m hoping to get all of my article work done in time but don’t be surprised if I miss the Friday Night Fights or break out a filler video. This is going to be a busy week even without the convention.

I do, however, have some sad news for ConnectiCon fans. C.J. Henderson, who has been a staple at all but one convention here in CT since at least 2010, passed away this week. Henderson had fighting lymphoma and a fund had been set up to help but before the goal was reached his battle was over.

C.J. Henderson has lost his battle with cancer. He was a wonderful father, husband, friend, and mentor. His writing will live on long after our memory has faded and ourselves gone to dust.  Please lift his family up in your prayers and if you are able please consider making a donation to help his family with the burden of his medical and funeral costs.

Thank you.

For those who wish to send condolences the address is:

CJ Henderson
1944 W. 11th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11223



CJ Henderson has lost his battle with cancer. After nearly a year of fiercest battle, CJ went out still fighting for each minute. Today he was being taken to the hospital for IV hydration when he passed on in transit.

I cannot tell you how much my heart hurts for his family and I have such sorrow to know that he has lost the good fight. He touched many lives and enriched many souls with a literary brilliance that will live on long after even our memory of him is gone. From the first time I met him he has ever been a mentor and a friend to both myself an all aspiring authors.

I do not yet have any details, but donations can be made at:http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/society-for-the-preservation-of-cj-henderson/87881 to help the family offset the staggering medical costs of his battle and funeral expenses. Any donations will go directly into CJ’s personal account to be collected by his family. Please share this with anyone who might have known and loved CJ.

I will keep those interested updated regarding any final arrangements as I receive details.

See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/society-for-the-preservation-of-cj-henderson/87881#sthash.7JAJaglJ.VDa2Q55U.dpuf

I’ve met him at a number of conventions, had a chance to interview him, and a chance to record a panel he did with Uncle Yo. He was a nice guy and really enjoyed his work, as well as being officially recognized by the H.P. Lovecraft family as the caretaker of the Lovcraftian gods (you know, Cthulhu and friends). Our prayers go out to Henderson’s family.

Best Scene Of This Week’s Reviews

Transformers: Windblade #3


When Waspinator knows something is too stupid to say or do you know you screwed up royally.

When Waspinator knows something is too stupid to say or do you know you screwed up royally.

As for the comics this week I didn’t get any new comics due to too many factors, so instead we’re getting retro comic reviews of a Christian comic adaptation of the Book Of Revelation. Hope to see some of you at ConnectiCon and if you do say hi.

ConnectiCon 2012-9

I’m the guy on the left, but Doug Walker will be there again.

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