"If only I could whip up an umbrella."

“If only I could whip up an umbrella.”

Fury Of Firestorm Vol. 2 #9

DC Comics (February, 1983)

“Baby The Rain Must Fall!”
PENCILER: Jerome Moore
INKER: Rodin Rodriquez
LETTERER: Adam Kubert
“FIRESTORM” CREATORS: Gerry Conway & Al Milgrom

Stein’s pushing goes too far and Ronnie pushes Firestorm past his limits in getting rid of Typhoon’s storm, forcing a separation and having Ronnie hurt his arm when they land. That costs him a fight Cliff but Ronnie’s friends stand by him. Meanwhile the man who became Typhoon learns that his wife remarried and his kids love their new stepfather. Cops assuming he’s going to jump from the bridge pick the wrong time to bother him and he finally snaps. Martin, having fallen off the wagon when his boss fires him, gives Firestorm a mild buzz but Ronnie is able to fight through it and take out Typhoon.

What they got right: Guest penciler Jerome Moore renders the characters well enough. Ronnie learns from his defeats. It’s nice to see things go Ronnie’s way.

What they got wrong: In the afternoon Ronnie’s arm was hurting so bad that he lost a fight to Cliff. (Sure he said he was working out but it’s still Cliff Carmichael.) That evening he’s apparently ready to play basketball with no sign of injury. He thought he threw it out after the one punch he got on the jerk, so how did it heal so fast?

Recommendation: A good story as usual that I recommend looking up.

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