Revelation The Comic Book #3

The most dangerous morning breath ever!

Revelation: The Comic Book #3

Drawn Near Art Studios (1996)

COVER ART: Eugene Bak

I missed issue #2, but the Angels are blowing trumpets signifying disasters. In this telling all of this is being blamed on space aliens and anyone talking about repenting to God are seen as traitors secretly working for the aliens. I’m going to assume that this makes sense if you read the second issue but obviously I can’t confirm it.

A boy sees two prophets kill a man who tried to attack them for preaching about repentance and they are able to set him on fire. Later they’ll be killed by a General Man, of a new United Nations strike force, some soldiers of which tried to rape a woman before the prophets dealt with them. For some reason, Man (who may be the Antichrist of this story, I’m not sure yet) dresses in armor with the Cross on the helmet and breastplate. He also breaks into a synagogue and leaves a multi-headed dog in the holy of holies. I don’t recall this right now, since it’s not the multi-headed dragon that at the end of the story tries to swallow a woman’s baby before it’s taken by angels into heaven. More on that in a moment.

Then we see the battle in Heaven and Satan’s forces booted out. This includes the dragon who goes after the woman, who now has wings to get her to the place prepared to care for her for a time. I really don’t envy Bak trying to make sense of some of these visions. That said, I don’t know why he went the aliens route (again, maybe it makes more sense in the second issue), but I only have two complaints here. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when the visions are actually happening (for example: are the forces actually fighting the monsters unleashed on the world? are there really trumpets playing?). The other one is that when the newscasters speak it’s hard to tell if it’s them or the Lord speaking to John since the caption boxes are done the same way while anyone speaking, either in the vision or to John, is done with enough difference to tell apart between the holy and the human.

I feel (or at least hope) I lost something in Bak’s additional story as to the origin of the Antichrist and the fall of man but it’s still a pretty good adaptation thus far.

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