This one is a bit shorter than I had planned. I had planned to go see something that I could report on and missed out on. I ranted about it on Twitter last night but I’m just going to move on now. Instead we have this.


That’s from the upcoming Batman Versus Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and as you can see (and if you click on the picture see larger) it’s as dark as ever, if not even a little darker. I tried to fix that in Paint Shop Photo Pro…and hit a snag. But the result looked kind of cool, too.

The big problem here is that the colors blend together so well in their darkness that when I used this picture…


…to alter the colors the blue of the uniform came out okay and it even altered the colors of the scene. Actually I should have kept that to show you. It looked pretty cool. However, when I went to alter the reds the blues would also turn red and mess everything up. I finally selected the red by itself (the “S”, the cape, the boots) but I couldn’t get them to lighten up the way I wanted, but by clicking the button a few times it led to a more artistic recoloring. Like so:

Steelman recolored

And yet it still looks better than the official version, even if it’s still not the bright coloring of Reeve’s outfit. I need to practice this some more. It was kind of fun.

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