Revelation The Comic Book #4

“Come on, give us back our ball!”

Revelation: The Comic Book #4

Drawn Near (1996)

COVER ART: Eugene Bak

As John’s vision continues a beast (similar to the little thing General Man put in the Holy Of Holies) shows up. One of the heads is wounded but the wound heals. In the story this wounded head I think takes human form as the First Beast and convinces the people that Jews and Christians are all in league with the aliens and the people taken to Heaven (I guess in issue #2) were actually aliens who have returned as the monsters. Here’s a disconnect, and maybe it’s just me, but if all the monsters, representations of God’s wrath, are supposed to be bad and to the people alien invaders, why would they go to worship the dragon and follow the First Beast when they see it take human form? That’s what happens here.

We also see a man named Yakov (who I think popped up now and then) convince some Israelis to form a small resistance movement but his brother Esau, who like the Jacob and Esau of Old Testament, hates his brother for getting what he insists was his birthright and kills his brother, having betrayed the movement out of revenge and fear of Man’s forces. (The general or the new “religion of man”, take your pick.) Meanwhile Esau’s wife, Naomi, has taken the mark of the beast in order to buy things, so I’m assuming that when everyone with the mark gets hit with the next plague she’s included. These short additions, showing what life is like as Satan corrupts the Earth, are interesting but with this group I feel there’s more story that I either missed last issue or should have been better developed.

New Babylon gets hit with another “gift” from God’s wrath enveloping the city in darkness and then it explodes, which is blamed on Israel (assuming they launched a nuke on it). Then the Earth gets hit hard by God’s forces with a lot of it being destroyed. However, some people seem to be getting that this isn’t aliens but God and have decided to reject God, which seems more like what was in the vision than aliens. Sadly. General Man is in a part that hasn’t been hit by any of this. Here the comic ends, and that’s something that makes this feel like it was written for a graphic novel since abrupt endings appear to be the norm and rather annoying to read in this format. Still, I continue to be impressed by the book even if trying to reconcile John’s vision with the original story continues to hit the occasional bump.

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