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When we last left the merged Marvel Reborn/Wildstorm universe Doom had taken over the Skrull/Daemonite alliance on Earth and was slowly taking over the planet. The combined forces of both universes learned they used to be in two universes and decided to split them up. However, Doom had a spy in their ranks and blew up the Stormwatch satellite, losing half of his enemies. Can the other half survive?

"Fine, no more shawarma!"

“Fine, no more shawarma!”

Iron Man Vol. 2 #13

Marvel Comics (November, 1997)

“No Time To Morn”
WRITER: James Robinson
PENCILER: Larry Stroman
INKERS: JD & Homage Studios
COLORIST: Martin Jimenez
LETTERER: Albert Deschesne
EDITOR: Ruben Diaz

As Reed’s team gets closer to the device Doom decides to take a group in and fight them personally. Annilus and Defile find the group first and both Fuji and Hellstrike are killed before the heroes win off-panel. Seriously, no fight thus far has ever been fought completely. No matter who wins we never really get to see it.

Meanwhile, Sue learns that only she, Jeremy Stone (who is either Maul or Johnny’s replacement, I don’t know and the comic is convinced I should, and Majestic (who I didn’t even know they located and brought there) survived. I see Void in a later scene so I assume she rescued them after Sue protected herself and Jeremy instinctively and Majestic is invulnerable.

Meanwhile the Negative Zone guards are attacked and taken out by one other survivor, Iron Man! Yes, in his own book he’s a traitor. Actually we later learned the real Tony died and a Skrull used his armor to get past the evil-detecting lanterns. (You know, we have yet to see what happens when it detects a Skrull or Daeomonite and if there’s a difference.) But before Skrull Tony Reborn can destroy the Zone gate, Ben and his pal (who turns out to be Deathblow, such charming names in the Wildstorm universe) pop through and beat him to death. This paragraph features the only fights thus far we actually get to see in their entirety.

This issue ends with Priscilla (the full name of the lady agent from chapter 1) succeeding her mission. Not only has she found Nomad but convinced him (rather quickly really considering he blames himself for losing his team) to take back the mantle of Captain America…and he plans to lead everyone, superhuman or not, to take the fight back to the enemy! When I first picked up this issue it was sans the other two so I had no idea what was going on. Having read it the first two previously now it makes a bit more sense. However, despite having the only fights we get to see to completion (two out of three, anyway) it’s the best thus far. Which let’s be honest isn’t saying much. While not as bad as the Heroes Reborn comics I’ve read up to now, it’s still not all that great. Also, what happened to Rick and Grunge? Will they be in the final issue? Did they serve any point at all?

In war, the logos suffer hardest.

In war, the logos suffer hardest.

Captain America Vol. 2 #13

Marvel Comics (November, 1997)

“War Without End”
WRITER: James Robinson
INKER: Danny Bulanadi
COLORIST: Nathan Lumm
LETTERER: Kolja Fuchs
EDITOR: Mike Rockwitz

Actually, they do show up here, as Cap finds out they’ve been given 10 years of training thanks to another of Reed’s gadgets and this was brought up in the first issue. After the usual on-plane banter, the collection of heroes jump from the plane into Latveria with “audio” clips of reporters doing the play-by-play–which is annoying as hell! They’re not even full sentences describing everything we’re seeing. Are the heroes listening in to the reports? Then why are we?

The battle continues on two fronts, and heroes fall on both. Seriously, it’s a superhero bloodbath. This is my problem with these kinds of stories. Writers think they have carte blanche to kill everyone because the magic reset button will fix everything. (See the New 52’s current “Future’s End” thing). That’s not what I want to see in these kinds of stories. A noble sacrifice or two I can deal with. Killing pretty much everyone I’d rather do without. In the Negative Zone Spartan/new Captain America sacrifices himself to destroy the dimension lock on that end declaring his love for Wanda. Yeah, we knew one of them was going to die.

In Latveria Hellspont goads the Skrull Emissary into releasing a plot device mentioned in an earlier chapter, the Elementrons! This would consist of Doom-altered heroes representing the four elements. You have the Hulk (I guess as Earth), Johnny Storm (fire), Namor (you’d think water but that’s covered so I’m guessing air) and a Wildstorm character the narration says would have been Rainmaker in another life. The slaughter continues but the Elementrons aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Grunge gets the drop on Rainmaker before she gets to do anything, really. They have yet another of those moments where Wildstorm characters recognize each other, like Caitlin and Roxy back in chapter 2, before Rainmaker calls down a lighting bolt, killing them both. Hulk kills Warblade and Maul goes ballistic, growing so large he can crush the Hulk in his hand but the strain of growing to the size of the Empire State Building is too much and kills him. Sue is forced to kill Johnny to save another Zealot, and the Thing is drowned by Namor but Ben crushes his ribs and gills. If Namor isn’t dead he’s not able to fight.

As Spartan was sacrificing himself, Cap and Deathblow break into Doom’s gate room only to be met by Hellspont. Hellspont starts going on and on about how Doom went through the other side and he didn’t think they’d get that far and yada yada. Deathblow (who still remembers the regular Wildstorm universe, calls him out on it and forces them both into the portal. The Skrull emissary gets the drop on Cap by pretending to be Sue (the real Sue too distraught by what she did to fight), but he takes him out with the shield. Then Rick shows up and tosses a grenade at the second device, thus re-splitting the universe. Yep, Rick Jones just saved two universes. Correction, the Rick Jones created in Franklin Richards’ ball just saved two universes. Reborn Rick is a hero!

As everything goes void white, Doom tells Reed that part of him will remember ruling the world and he will hunger to do so again but Reed says the restored Fantastic Four will be there to stop him and everything goes white…the end.

FINAL ANALYSIS: Well, this happened. It didn’t need to, it was rather boring at times, only showed us two out of all the fights completely, and while not a bad concept wasn’t a very interesting story. Thus concluding once and for all that Heroes Reborn isn’t worth your time. There was nothing worth while and the only thing that lasted was Tony having an extra set of armor in his armory. Just don’t even bother.


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  1. John aubrey says:

    Personally, I liked the storyline. For me, part of the reason that I love the literature of comic books is that, if done right, the nobility and self-sacrifice of these heroes can, potentially, be illustrated so perfectly that any perceived shortcomings to the storyline itself are rendered moot. It wasn’t better illustrated and focused on then in the opening fight scene between the wildcats and the darmonites. This is a paraphrase, but I feel it illustrates my point. ‘America can always count on her super-heroes.” I understand that everyone has a different feel for the comic books that we love, flaws and all. In the end, I think that we can all agree that comic books are a great form of literature that appeals to all of us in different ways, but for the same reason. They bring out the best in us.

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    • I thought the concept was okay but the story itself didn’t work for me and I had a problem with the whole Heroes Reborn idea to begin with due to how they approached it. So I may have a blind spot there.


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