Adventures Of Superman #15

When I first saw the cover I thought of an Iron Giant joke, but it turned out to be right on the nose. The sign of a good cover.

Adventures Of Superman #15

DC Comics (September, 2014)

“Only Child”
WRITER: Ron Marz
ARTIST: Even “Doc” Shaner
COLORIST: Matthew Wilson
LETTERER: Wes Abbott
EDITOR: Alex Antone

Something crashes from space into Metropolis Harbor but it isn’t a meteor, it’s a giant robot. But why is it attacking Metropolis, what is its connection to Jor-El, and who are his new masters?

What they got right: There have been people in my circles claiming that The Iron Giant was a better Superman movie than Man Of Steel. I don’t know if Marz follows that perspective but the influence of the movie on him and Shaner are obvious. It’s the closest thing we’ll get to an official Superman/Iron Giant team-up story. The robot even turns good after being hit on the same side and is damaged in the same spot.

What they got wrong: If the reason the robot was built as a scout by Jor-El was to make a quick connection and make us care about the robot’s fate, it doesn’t succeed. Even Superman seems to mostly shake off what happened even though the theme seemed to be Kal-El losing another link to his birthplace. There was no other reason to connect the robot to Jor-El and if one thing bugged me about Silver Age Superman comic was making too many aliens connected to Krypton itself or the destruction, and this didn’t even work as well as the alien Green Lantern from #11.

Recommendation: It’s the closest we’ll get to an Iron Giant/Superman crossover and while not as emotionally resonating (at least with me) as they wanted it’s still a decent story. It’s still too bad that this comic will someday join the digital-first printing in going away.


"Greetings. I am Meteor."

“Greetings. I am Meteor.”


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