The Transformers #57

Megatron: Cybertron’s worst masseuse and chiropractor.

The Transformers #57

Marvel (October, 1989)

“The Resurrection Gambit!”
WRITER: Simon Furman
PENCILER: José Delbo
INKER: Dave Hunt
COLORIST; Nel Yomtov
LETTERER: Jim Massara
EDITOR: Don Daley

Yes, Megatron is back, having narrowly avoided being blown up in issue #26, and now he wants Ratchet to be in on his revenge on Optimus and Scorponok, using the Air Strike Patrol to put the two sides against each other. (Kind of like Starscream did during “The Underbase Saga”.) Speaking of Starscream, that’s the next part of Megatron’s revenge, having Darkwing and Dreadwind track down his remains and use the Pretender shell to resurrect him. But Ratchet may have plans for the prototype shells.

What they got right: As much as Delbo and/or Hunt’s limited designs are compared to earlier issues I give credit for visual foreshadowing and remembering or looking up how Megatron looked at the end of #26 after the near-beating he took at the teeth of the Predacons. Furman also came up with a good explanation for Megatron not being blown to bits. We also learn why Optimus was cut-off from the ship (thanks to his communicator being shot) and watching him go into a rage is something we rarely see, but he does get himself back under control before any humans get hurt. If only he wasn’t about to go too far the other way in a few issues.

What they got wrong: Although I’d like to know how Starscream could be in any shape to be brought back. I know Budiansky couldn’t have known about the Classic Pretender toys when he exploded Starscream from the inside out so I guess they had to work with what they could. Maybe we’ll get an answer next issue. Also, why does Megatron want revenge on Scorponok? The character wasn’t even around when Megatron was destroyed. It might have made more sense that he wanted revenge on Optimus and an easy way to regain control of his forces from Scorponok but he specifically says he wants revenge on Scorponok.

Recommendation: When Furman keeps himself in check he has some good ideas and this isn’t a bad story so far. It’s worth it just to see what Furman can do when he limits his darker and quasi-mystical inclinations out of it.


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