After the interview with Johns, Romita, and Janson I went over last week I saw this at the supermarket and decided to give it a shot.

Superman #32

I’m assuming being a “newsstand edition” means the cut off cover and weird scanning results.

Superman #32

DC Comics (August, 2014)

“Men Of Tomorrow” part 1: “Ulysses”
WRITER: Geoff Johns
PENCILER: John Romita, Jr.
INKER: Klaus Janson
COLORIST: Laura Martin
LETTERER: Sal Cipriano
GROUP EDITOR: Eddie Berganza

With all the changes after the events of the Trinity War and Forever Evil super happenings are big news again and Perry wants Clark back at the Planet. He also notes that Clark needs to stop being on the outside of everything. While Clark thinks about Perry’s offer, an alien attack introduces Superman to someone whose story is similar to his own. Just swap planet with dimension and the fact that “Ulysses” gets to come home again.

What they got right: One of Lobdell’s biggest mistakes, if not the biggest, was in separating Superman/Clark from his supporting cast. Putting them back together (but not rushing it as it doesn’t happen this issue) is a smart move. Clark doesn’t have to be such an outsider and Johns at least is seeing that, even though keeping him at arms length from his friends was something his fellow DC Brain Trust had ordered. I also like the backstory of this Ulysses guy and looking to see where his story goes.

What they got wrong: What’s this subplot with Jimmy’s parents and will it amount to anything? Will it ever matter?

Recommendation: Based on history I had assumed Johns and crew were all talk since we’ve seen them say in interviews how they were going to fix things and not live up to it, possibly because of editorial interference. Now the creative director actually appears to be giving us Superman but we’ll see what happens. Read with curiosity in mind but I want to see where this is going before giving the full thumbs up.

Admittedly this is where the comic had me.

Admittedly this is where the comic had me.


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