Robin Williams RIP

As you may have heard, Robin Williams died yesterday, or at least that’s when we heard about it. The cause of death? Suicide; hanging I think. This should be the article where I go over his many works and how they drew and affected me, because I never met the man personally and all I would know about him was his work. But while thinking about that I realized that I wasn’t a huge fan. I liked a number of the stuff I saw. His stand-up performances were hilarious and I watched Mork & Mindy in both live-action (mostly reruns) and Saturday morning cartoons as a kid. However, while I liked some of the movies he was in, that’s pretty much it. His comedic talent was undeniable and we lost someone great, who battled a drug addiction and a later alcohol addiction, and was staring in a new TV show for CBS called The Crazy Ones. I don’t think he missed among the millions of people who loved his work, whether it was stand-up, voice acting, sitcoms, comedies, or his dramatic roles.

What we didn’t know was that Williams suffered from clinical depression. This isn’t like when we have a bad day. Clinical depression is a chemical imbalance that impairs one’s ability to feel happiness or even a sense of self-worth or importance. That’s what drove him to the addictions and suicide. However, I’m probably not the best person to explain the demons that drove him.

I’ve mentioned Nash Bozard on the site before. He hosts a webcast called Radio Dead Air and is a contributor to That Guy With The Glasses. He and many other reviewers lost a friend in Justin “JewWario” Carmichael earlier this year. What’s worse is that Bozard himself suffers from clinical depression. What is it and how it could it drive someone who appears to be happy, beloved, and famous? There is some cursing in this video from last night’s broadcast but he explains everything about this mind-altering disease. It’s quite real and quite destructive. He also goes into how you can help someone who is depressed…and how not to!

I don’t care about this article but please share the video with everyone you know and encourage them to do the same. Maybe we can stop someone else from losing to the demons of chemical misfiring.


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  1. […] Robin Williams Versus Depression: After JewWario ended his life due to clinical depression (a medical condition rather than just being sad), he was followed by a larger celebrity, Robin Williams. While I didn’t write this (it’s a video by a friend of JewWario’s who also suffers from clinical depression), it’s one I think you all should see anyway. […]


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