Amazing Spider-Man #41

“I know you hated that zoo poster, but did you have to take the whole wall down?”

Amazing Spider-Man #41

Marvel (October, 1966, reprinted June, 2001 and packaged with Rhino action figure by Toy Biz as part of the “Spider-Man Classics” line)

“The Horns Of The Rhino!”
WRITER: Stan Lee
ARTIST: John Romita
INKER: M. Demeo (Grand Comics Database claims it’s a pseudonym for Mike Esposito)

Peter gets himself a motorcycle and a chance run-in with Betty convinces them that their relationship is over, and sees Gwen in a new light. The big story, however, is the Rhino is after John Jameson. During the space mission the cabin filled with some space spore and while it seems to have not had any affect on him a foreign power wants him for testing and Rhino was hired to do it. Spider-Man is just able to take him down. Back in Peter’s life Anna Watson is trying to get Aunt May to sell the house and both of them want Peter to meet Anna’s niece, Mary Jane.

What they got right: This was Spidey’s first fight with the Rhino (although not Rhino’s first appearance) and it was a real good fight; Rhino’s strength and toughness against Spider-Man’s speed and agility. It was very well done.

What they got wrong: The reason for it, however, was rather weak. John is one of the US’s top astronauts during the height of the space race. That should be all we need. How do spores factor into it? Also, I’ve never heard of anything coming of it, but I could be wrong. I know Man-Wolf came from a jewel, not spores.

Recommendation: A real good adventure that’s worth reading if you come across it. It’s probably available in one of those Essentials black & white reprint collections, which is worth getting anyway.



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