Recently some of my Twitter pals have been going on about Cinema Sins, a video series taking a look at various plotholes and editing errors in popular movies, whether they were good or not. And that’s where the controversy seems to have come from, the same kind that happens when Rifftrax takes on a good movie. There’s the thought that only bad movies deserve to have their flaws pointed out and not the good ones. Says who? No production is perfect and what’s wrong with having fun at their expense? Sometimes we really do take our fiction too seriously, while the studios probably don’t take it seriously enough. There’s a middle ground, people!

That said, the videos I chose for this example do focus on two bad movies, the 90’s Godzilla (which I actually enjoy even if it isn’t Godzilla) and Man Of Steel (which I have less and less respect for every time the creators open their mouths to tell us theirs is the bestest take on Superman ever). I made these choses for aesthetics and if I could have focused on one or the other I would have. You see, Cinema Sins has their main series and a few spinoffs plus some bonus material. I’m not going to focus on the video game and music video pieces, or the Conversations With Myself series that didn’t interest me as much, just the big stuff.

Episodes vary in length from a few minutes to almost half an hour. There are all shorter pieces, however, starting with everything wrong with the 90’s Godzilla movie besides the terrible adaptation.

Okay, so not every sin comes from the movie itself. This is something they admit in their YouTube trailer posted above. They also mark a sin for every sexy scene that doesn’t contain a lapdance (I wonder if they take one off when it does?) and don’t seem to like DC Comics. I used to until these jokers took over, but that’s another thing. I still add a sin to their count for that. I was going to use Man Of Steel for the next one but I like that they took the risk of going after the first Superman: The Movie (which is actually the first theatrical Superman movie, not counting the serials and life-action shorts) so I’m going to post that instead. Because it’s my site and I can do stuff like that. Besides, they do that trick where you build on the video by clicking the annotations to go to a follow-up video. You can choose your favorite. There are going to be enough videos on this page as it is.

In addition to counting a movie’s sins like Kamen Rider W, there’s the feature What’s The Damage, where they go over all the damage caused in a superhero, science fiction,  or action movie. Godzilla is probably an extreme example since Zilla is a rather giant lizard running around New York and [spoiler] they handle his/her babies by blowing up Madison Square Garden[/spoiler] but it follows our theme. Here they team with fellow YouTuber VSauce to go over the damage report.

Personally, I think they couldn’t calculate how many pairs of underpants were damaged as well. As they note in future installments, the costs do not include human or animal life because that would be morbid.

Movie Recipes isn’t your typical cooking show. Actually, I don’t think you’re supposed to eat any of these creations. It’s simply ruining food to make fun of movies. This time we will use Man Of Steel because of our choices it’s the only one that matches. I’m not sure I want to know what they’d come up with for Emmerich’s Godzilla anyway.

If you want to see more (they tackle movies of more genres than I have here) you can check out their YouTube page.


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