Fury Of Firestorm #20

At this point Ronnie realized he brought the wrong girl to the prom.

Fury Of Firestorm #20

DC Comics (February, 1984)

“Frost Bite!”
PENCILER: Rafael Kayanan
EMBELLISHER: Rodin Rodriguez
COLORIST: Carl Gafford
LETTERER: Adam Kubert

As Ronnie continues his love triangle with Firehawk and Doreen, Killer Frost is freed from jail thanks to a bird crashing into the prison powerlines, shutting off her freezer. She’s decided that Martin (who is back at Concordance thanks to the new owner) is the source of all of her troubles and wants to kill him instead of just all men. Meanwhile Carissa has another boss who wants Martin for some reason and Senator Reilly’s political enemies use his forced vote to try to kick him out of Congress. Martin is able to escape an attack by Killer Frost by fusing into Firestorm but the superhero isn’t able to get Frost, who will be back.

What they got right: Firestorm and Firehawk make a good team and as much as I like Doreen I kind of see myself rooting for her, although I wonder what would happen if Doreen knew that Ronnie was (half of) Firestorm or if Loreen knew that Ronnie was a high school jock.

What they got wrong: I’m losing interest in Killer Frost. She always escapes thanks to someone feeling sorry for her or some random happening that frees her and she’s kind of a one-trick pony. There really isn’t a lot to her and maybe it’s the issues I’m missing not creating a proper buffer but I’ve seen too much of her. Also, Carissa has yet another boss who wants Martin for some nefarious purpose? Is this her whole character now? Does she really matter? And why does this new boss want him back at Concordance?

Recommendation: There are some good character moments, enough for a mild recommendation but (and yet again I’m missing the conclusion) I hope not to see Killer Frost again until they can do something new with her.


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