"I have a new favorite trading card."

“I have a new favorite trading card.”

Fury Of Firestorm Vol. 2 #18

DC Comics (November, 1983)

“Squeeze Play!”
I had to go to the Grand Comics Database to get the proper credits. I hate having to do that.
PENCILER: George Tuska
INKER: Rodin Rodriguwz
COLORIST: Carl Gafford
LETTERER: Adam Kubert
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Nicola Cuti (uncredited in the comic)

Someone tries to either kidnap or kill Ronnie and Doreen, only catching the name “shine”. Doreen’s dad connects the name to a non-syndicate mob family. While this and Cliff making peace with Ronnie is going on, and Harry is “torturing” Martin with his health nut routine, Hewitt undergoes the process that created Firestorm, Multiplex, and now Lorraine/Firehawk, becoming Tokamak, who can create magnetic fields, which he uses to kill the former Enforcer, giving his spare armor to his assistant. Then he goes after Lorraine, sending Firestorm into action to stop him. Except Tokamak uses his magnetic rings to do what he did to Merkyn and compress Firestorm into non-existence…except the Professor’s mental projection is still there. [continued in the first annual]

What they got right: The long-term mystery of Ed Raymond’s death isn’t being ignored but we’re also in this other storyline with shorter term ramifications taking center stage. It works but once this is over I want to see the Raymond mystery be the next arc. Tokamak should an interesting foe considering his powers. I also like seeing Cliff reform (spoiler: it doesn’t last) because I really hate this guy, just as a character.

What they got wrong: Hewitt doesn’t quite get the translation of his new non de plume correct even if the powers do match. I haven’t seen Enforcer in action, but the original’s body type and the new one’s are very different, and not just because the new one is a girl. That “armor” sure took to her body type like a glove.

Recommendation: I’m still very much enjoying this comic. Go get yourself some issues.


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