Fury Of Firestorm #17

Guess she found out about Doreen.

Fury Of Firestorm Vol. 2 #17

DC Comics (October, 1983)

“On Wings Of Fire!”
ARTIST: Pat Broderick, George Tuska, and Rodin Rodriguez
COLORIST: Carl Gafford
LETTERER: Adam Kubert

After the funeral for Ronnie’s father (where even Cliff is nice to Ronnie and the Days offer him a place to stay), Firestorm has little time to morn. Hewitt, the guy trying to gain a monopoly on nuclear power, is testing the process that created Firestorm and Multiplex (who is now working for Hewitt) on Lorraine, turning her into Firehawk. Thanks to some brainwashing Hewitt sends Firehawk to attack the Nuclear Man but the brainwashing isn’t complete and the power seems to wear off. However, Hewitt still plans to expose himself to experimental nuclear pile to see if he can not only reverse what’s killing him but become more powerful.

What they got right: Cliff Carmichael has a human side, who knew? They actually explain that Martin’s creation (for lack of a better term) affects everyone differently, which is why her powers are different from Firestorm and Multiplex. One is inclined to suggest that Multiplex being alone is why he had fission powers but he still can’t manipulate matter like Firestorm can and Firehawk seems to just have fiery wings that cause larger fires, even on Firestorm. It’s as good an explanation as any.

What they got wrong: Personal preference on this one but considering Ronnie’s lifestyle (aka fusing with another person to become a superhero), wouldn’t it be better to have Ronnie stay with Martin rather than the Days? He can’t explain why he runs off to them and they’re going to have the same misguided concerns that his dad did which is not going to be good for him. Plus he’s living with his girlfriend and her family. That can’t be a good thing considering they’re both still in high school.

Recommendation: I hope they get to the mystery surrounding Ed Raymond but the Hewitt storyline has good reason to take center stage right now and Ed’s story will probably be more long term. (Hopefully not too long.) So this is a good continuation of the previous issue and worth picking up.


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