History of Power Rangers 2

Now that EZ has shown us what the original Sentai was like, it’s time for Linkara to take the podium. Power Rangers Mystic Force was a show that I had a feeling I wasn’t going to get into. Despite the fact that The NeverEnding Story is my favorite movie I’m not typically a fantasy fan and Mystic Force (thanks to Magiranger) was steeped in it. I don’t know if the Harry Potter franchise had hit Japan at the time Magiranger came out but I’m sure Disney was more than happy to use the release to bring us a Power Ranger team that appeared to be taking cues from it. I did honestly give it a few episodes and while I really can’t tell you what role my spiritual beliefs played versus my general disinterest in this kind of fantasy production it just didn’t grab my attention so I waited until Operation Overdrive to resume my Ranger watching.

But that review is Linkara’s current show and I tend to stay one team behind so you have to go there. So go there if you want the latest installment. We’re headed to the last one, because here come the Power Rangers Mystic Force!

For the record, I found a fan-produced opening of Mystic Force using Wasserman’s rock theme, the one he preferred. Compare the two themes.

I’ll be honest. As much as I like Wasserman’s intros, I thought the hip hop version worked better. It had more of a mystical feel to me and the characters are more into hip hop. Either works for their hangout at the music store most of them work at, but I just prefer the hip hop theme. This is also where I left the show since I have that little interest in vampires. That wasn’t the last straw or anything. It just felt like a good time to jump off a show that hadn’t been holding my interest as much as previous teams.

Tomorrow, the Rangers raise a dragon (I think) and learn what it means to be Power Rangers as secrets are revealed…that are so poorly foreshadowed you saw it coming a long time ago.


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