Fury Of Firestorm #33

I assume the next scene is Firestorm challenging them to the ice bucket challenge by force.

Fury Of Firestorm #33

DC Comics (March, 1985)

“Burn, Manhattan, Burn!”
PENCILER: Rafael Kayaman
INKER: Allan Kupperberg
COLORIST: Nansi Hoolihan
LETTERER: Phil Feliz

Despite having nightmares about Killer Frost, Louise Lincoln, Crystal Frost’s former assistant, is trying to complete her mentor’s freezing experiment, but history repeats itself. Unaware of this Firestorm has his own problems. Ronnie’s trying to survive college and Martin has a girlfriend but a guy named Le Flambeau is demanding the release of Plastique or he will set Manhattan ablaze. Firestorm goes to stop him but in the fight the incendiary device is set off anyway.

What they got right: Le Flambeu has some potential beyond what appears to be daddy issues and I hope he follows through on that. He’s a guy that appears to be able to create fire and he has a small army of fireproofed henchmen. I see possibilities here.

What they got wrong: I don’t know what happened to the original Killer Frost but I was never impressed with her one-trick status. So what does Conway do? Create another Killer Frost the same way as the first. I sense a pattern here and it isn’t a good one. Hopefully Lincoln succeeds where Crystal Frost failed but I don’t see the point in creating a new Killer Frost.

Recommendation: A good story and I do like that characters are evolving as Ronnie is now in college and getting along with his father. Still in favor of this series. I just wish I wasn’t missing so many issues.


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