TMNT Classics Donatello Microseries

Some time ago I looked at Man At Arms, a web series produced by Awe.Me where famous weapons of fiction were made into real life, real dangerous weaponry. Well, they brought in a new team under the title Man At Arms: Reforged. While having a new team make the same weapons, thus showing off a new approach, might be interesting, Reforged does something a bit different as the movie weapons group of Baltimore Knife & Sword–Kerry Stagmer, his brother Matt Stagmer, Ilya Alekseyev, John Mitchell, Sam Salvati and Lauren Schott (copy/paste is my friend) does something different.

Stagmer worked with previous host/swordsmith Tony Swatton and his Sword And Stone crew on one of the builds, which may have led to this show as Tony and his team take time away for other projects. So the Baltimore Knife & Sword crew are here and doing something different–merging fictional swords into whole new weapons. There aren’t as many episodes of Reforged as there was the original when I did that review, but there are still some good ones to look at.

If you watched the trailer above you saw the Batman/Wolverine merger. I don’t know if they read the “Dark Claw” comics from the Amalgam one-shots DC & Marvel put together (we’ll be getting to those in the Saturday crossover comics) but giving Batman Wolverine-style claws (which reminds me of one of the weapons Dominic Fortune had in the comic I reviewed on Tuesday) but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the inspiration.

The lightsaber is a science-fiction take on a Japanese samurai sword. So why not combine the two?

Sword And Stone once built Captain America’s mighty shield, and we know Cap like throwing that thing. So Baltimore Knife & Sword decided to merge it with throwing stars. I think the Nazis will be yielding before opposing these things.

The last one I’ll spotlight is currently the best of the group as of this writing and probably their most imaginative…combining all four Ninja Turtles weapon into one serious ninja weapon!

There’s only one more right now but many more will be coming. Remember, they teased an Iron Man sword in the trailer and I’m looking forward to that. Both versions of Man At Arms can be found at Awe.Me’s YouTube page along with some other fun projects. Check them out! You can also see how they build more typical swords on their YouTube page, although currently there aren’t a lot there, either.


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