X-O Manowar (V1) #22

“That’s the last time we let Aric marathon Survivor!”

X-O Manowar #22

Valiant (November, 1993)

“White Kings And Black Knights” part 1
WRITER: Jorge Gonzalez
PENCILER: Paris T. Karounos
INKERS: Tom Ryder & Rodney Ramos
(no colorist or letterer credits)

After events involving someone or something named Ax, Aric has gone down to Peru, leaving Orb Industries and the XO Armor with Randy. Aric meets a tribe down there being threatened by a more savage tribe. As he joins them in battle he decides this is his new home. Meanwhile, the power of the X-O armor (which she calls Shanhara) and whatever happened to her during that incident may be having a negative effect on Randy.

What they got right: While a bit violent for my tastes, the art is good.

What they got wrong: There’s so much I can’t judge here because so little happens since the story is split in two directions and it’s after a huge event which made a big change, especially for Aric and Randy. What I do know is that this really isn’t my thing. It’s a bit darker than my tastes but for a 90’s comic I can’t call it bad either.

Recommendation: I really can’t give one up or down. Only that you shouldn’t start on this issue. This wasn’t the first one I obtained but this was the first chronologically so it got reviewed first. It didn’t really impress me but it might work for you.

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