I wish I was kidding.

I wish I was kidding.

Yes, let the guy who messed up Superman twice go after pre-exploded Krypton with a television budget. I’m sure that won’t end wrong.

On The Clutter Reports today I reviewed the Enterprise – The First Adventure novel in its entirety. With RU no longer available to me I may go back to my forum threat at TGWTG and do a superupdate on the first post, updating all video content to this point (the press junket with Diedrich Bader) and post to the blogs again. That might increase viewers…maybe. How many of them come here for the articles I don’t know.

Over at my Patreon, where patrons get early viewings of article, videos, and comics, I’m going to start posting permanent exclusive looks at turnarounds and sketches for this year’s Captain Yuletide. I’m later than I wanted as it is but I’m hoping not to have to rush and let the artwork suffer. It’s bad enough as it is but writing wise we’ll explore the origins of the Captain Yuletide powers and Bryce the green-nosed reindeer. That should be fun, right? Also, while I’ll have the downloadable PDF like the previous two issues I’ll post the comic in gallery form and see if my stats say someone read it.

I still didn’t get any new comics but this week I’ll be taking a look at the Street Sharks comic Archie put out when the toyline and TV series were still available. And speaking of Superman, tomorrow’s DC review will be a Superman comic, giving all a one-week break from Firestorm. I’m just going by what comes up next in the longbox, folks. I hope that next week will see some new comics, but I went job hunting yesterday and didn’t make the store in time. And starting this Saturday…..

DC Vs Marvel preview

All four issues of DC Versus Marvel/Marvel Versus DC, the two follow-up miniseries with Access, and all of the Amalgam comics I picked up. (As in NOT Lobo The Duck.) That will be it for the old crossover comics in my longbox but we’re going out in style!

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