Street Sharks #2

“Hey guys, the fight’s over here!”

Street Sharks #2

Archie (February, 1996)

STORY: Marina Moran
ADAPTATION: Evan Skolnick
PENCILER: Nelson Ortega
INKER: Jay Oliveras
COLORIST: Kyle Hunter
LETTERER: Luke Merlin
EDITOR: Fred Mendez

Paradigm pretends to help the government examine the Sharks, putting the blame on their father. Lena and Bends helps them escape where they hide out at Bends’ secret place. Paradigm sends Slash and Slobster to kidnap Bends, and the Sharks go to rescue. In the battle Paradigm’s syringe of piranha DNA, intended to be tested on Bends before using it to “perfect” the Sharks, gets injected into the mad doctor instead, turning him into “Piranoid”, who tricks the Sharks into an ultra-collider to have their DNA torn apart!

The lack of “got right” shouldn’t be taken as anything bad. There’s just nothing remarkable for me to point to. The “got wrong” portion has its share, however. The Sharks haven’t gotten their new names in-story yet, just a caption on the recap page, yet they’re calling Coop “Slamuu” like he already got it. In fact I watched the episode. Ripster (John) only gets his nickname during the escape, and the others haven’t yet. They also altered some dialog and dropped the introduction of the vehicles as well as the scene where two would-be bounty hunters try to take the Sharks out, with the heroes forced to save a monorail from a damaged section of track. That last part could be evidence to the general public that they aren’t bad guys.

Again, if you liked the toys and cartoons you’ll get something out of this. For me, I lost interest after the attraction of the concept died down and it didn’t feel like they went beyond that. It’s not looking good for these comics in my collection.

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