Earlier today I linked to an article discussing knockoffs that became wildly popular. Tonight we look at one less successful. While IDW has the rights to the entire Toho library, Dark Horse only had the rights to Godzilla (although as we’ll see in a few issues they snuck something else in) and so created a knockoff of MechaGodzilla called Cybersaur. This is the first battle they had with Godzilla. And proof that a fully-charged battery is always recommended when going up against the King Of The Monsters!

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Ghost” round 5

The Battlefield: Godzilla #2 (Dark Horse; July, 1995) “Property Damage!”

The Promoters: Kevin Maguire (writer), Brandon McKinney (penciler), Scott Reed (inker), Cary Porter (colorist), and Pat Brosseau (letterer)–I also just noticed some extra credits so after I’m done writing this I’m going to add them into this week’s review.

Godzilla is pointed towards Vancouver (I guess he hasn’t had enough of America after his US tour in the Marvel universe) and the only thing standing in his way is Cybersaur, a piloted, dinosauresque robotic vehicle armed with huge shoulder missiles (to remind you its the 1990s) with guns on top, and really huge shoulder pads (90s! WE’RE THE EXTREME DECADE!!!!!!!!!!!) Cybersaur makes the first strike, but because they were in a hurry their CO forgot to wait until the battery was fully charged. This is not going to end well, even with Godzilla suffering a poison that’s causing him to bleed from the mouth constantly.

Despite how ridiculous the shoulders look I still like the rest of the design.

Despite how ridiculous the shoulders look I still like the rest of the design.

The rest of this fight, however, is all Godzilla.

Brackett is the guy firing the guns. Are you worried yet?

Brackett is the guy firing the guns. Are you worried yet?

A swipe of Godzilla’s tail causes the control panel to explode like it’s on Star Trek, killing the captain. All Bleeding Gums Godzilla knows is that his enemy is still standing.

"I said HAVE...A...SEAT!"

“I said HAVE…A…SEAT!”

And if you think Godzilla isn’t the type of kaiju to kick an opponent while its down…

"Hey, you dead? You dead? Don't move if you're dead."

“Hey, you dead? You dead? Don’t move if you’re dead.”

…he literally proves you wrong.

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