Street Sharks V2 #2

Red Lobster denies responsibility.

Street Sharks #2

Archie (July, 1996)

“Age Of Aquaria” part 2: “Heavy Water”
WRITER: Evan Skolnick
PENCILER: Nelson Ortega
INKER: Jay Oliveras
COLORIST: Kyle Hunter
LETTERER: Jeff Powell
EDITOR: Freddy Mendez-Gabrie

The Sharks aren’t able to take out the giant crab. Then they get some help from, and are kidnapped by, underwater dwellers from the Atlantis-like Aquaria (at least the arc title now makes sense), where they’re actually welcomed once they learn the Bolton brothers’ identities. Streex even makes the acquaintance of Kara, daughter of Aquaria’s leader, and the two develop a fondness for each other. On the surface, Parahnoid takes advantage of the situation to get in good with the Mayor and get an advantage against the Sharks. Back in Aquaria, Streex and Kara learn that instead of curing the crab the scientist has orders to prepare it…for an attack on Fission City!

What they got right: I don’t have a problem with this new threat. If anything, they’re more interesting that Pirahnoid.

What they got wrong: Why is the Mayor ignoring the cops and military, who don’t trust Paradigm/Pirahnoid and suspect him of being responsible for the missile theft? Are they still allowed to continue investigating him? If so, should he be trusted? Why is it the officials are finally listening to a scientist in this kind of story and it’s the villain? He’s not that charismatic so she just looks like an idiot to keep the status quo of the miniseries.

Recommendation: I’m still not feeling this comic, but I still can’t call it bad. Tomorrow is the last issue (with DC Versus Marvel #1 in a special Sunday posting so we don’t have to wait for it) and thus far it doesn’t look like this will be swimming in my collection much longer.


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