If you want to see the review of issue #1, I posted that some time ago.

Double Dragon #2

“I hate party crashers.”

Double Dragon #2

Marvel (August, 1991)

“Double Jeopardy”
WRITER: Dwayne McDuffie
PENCILERS: Kirk Jarvinen & Steven Butler
LETTERER: Pat Brosseau
EDITORS: Evan Sklonick & Fabian Nicieza

After the events of issue #1 the Dragons return home to find Stelth, one of Nightfall’s assassins, has killed Sensei and stolen the Dragon Statue, Sensei dieing asking Marian to look after his grandsons (apparently news to Jimmy). As Nightfall prepares to take the Dragon Force he has Stelth go after the Double Dragons. Her method is to kidnap Marian and disguise herself after their friend to lead the Dragons into a trap, as she arranges the breakout of people the Dragons have defeated in the past and sent to prison. During the battle, the Lee brothers unknowingly, even to themselves, taps the Dragon Force, with Nightfall unable to prevent its return to the statue. Stelth uses her powers to disguise the other fighters as Jimmy and Billy and at the end one two are left standing. Too bad they don’t realize it’s each other!

What they got right: The martial arts action is well-done. The story feels like it’s part of something bigger while the first issue felt more like a stand-alone comic that didn’t need the other five issues of the miniseries. Stelth has a cool power and, for the 90s, her design could be worse.

What they got wrong: Her name however, would have been better spelled correctly instead of taking out the “a’ just to make it look “cooler”, or as Linkara would put it, “because poor literacy is kewl” (it really isn’t). She’s also not a character from the game. In fact, none of the enemies we’ll see in this series come from the game. If you wanted to see Abobo, Dragon fans, you’re going to be disappointed. Also, I think the letterer gave Billy and Jimmy each others lines in the first panel they appear in.

Recommendation: While there has never been a proper adaptation of Double Dragon (thanks to future settings of the comic and movie and the addition of mystical elements into both and the cartoon), this at least has the better story and is worth picking up.

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