Double Dragon #3

Have I used up my action figure joke quota yet?

Double Dragon #3

Marvel (September, 1991)

“One Dragon On The Ground”
WRITER: Dwayne McDuffie
LETTERER: Pat Brosseau
EDITOR: Fabian Nicieza

By the way, I just realized that last week I reviewed a miniseries Sklonick wrote and this week one he was assistant editor on.

Still fooled by stealth and even summoning their armor not making them realize they’re channeling the Dragon Force, Jimmy and Billy fight each other. Jimmy eventually comes out on top but is too weak to fend off Stelth until Marian escapes and comes to his aid. Meanwhile, Nightfall loses all of the Dragon Force, which brings the statue to life, and now there is a giant dragon flying around Oligopolis.

What they got right: The fight between Jimmy and Billy is, again, well-done. Marian isn’t a helpless victim but as much a fighter as the Lees, even quipping to Stelth that the reason she shot her hand was because she missed aiming for her head.

What they got wrong: Outside of still not being a proper adaptation of the game, nothing.

Recommendation: The early days of the 1990s didn’t suffer from most of the later 9o’s failing and this is a good example of early McDuffie work. Pick up the comic if you can.


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