Godzilla #3 (DH)

I wonder what kind of wine goes with Godzilla?

Godzilla #3

Dark Horse (August, 1995)

“Long Live The King!”
WRITER: Kevin Maguire
PENCILER: Brandon McKinney
INKER: Scott Reed
COLORIST: Albert Deschesne
COVER ART: Arthur Adams
LETTERER: Pat Brosseau
DESIGN: Mark Cox
EDITOR: Robert Vincent Conte

Godzilla’s screams of pain were loud enough to vibrate through space (I know, just go with it) and reaches the bat-like Bagorah’s sense of echolocation. Now it’s come to Earth, planning to eat Godzilla. Even Cybersaur can’t deal with the monster. However, Noriko has an anti-toxin and after seeing that her poison has done more harm than good she uses it on Godzilla. The King is back!

What they got right: Bagorah is a great design, a bat-monster with a sonic attack that may actually just be echolocation from a bat the size of a small airport. Take and Kate make a cute couple, too.

What they got wrong: Where did Burton get tomato sauce and animal innards in Norkio’s lab to create the fake poisoned Godzilla blood sample? Also, Norikio opts to use the antitoxin on Godzilla after seeing a little girl on television whose father died from the poisoned blood, as angry as Noriko was when Godzilla’s first appearance led to both of her parents dying…but Godzilla has never made it to a city since being poisoned. In fact, the only people who have been near the poisoned Godzilla are G-Force and the Canadian military, and by this issue experts helping to confirm Godzilla had died (turned out his heartbeat was just really slow). So who was this girl (who we never see) and how did her father get exposed to the poisoned blood?

Recommendation: We’re setting up for our first kaiju fight in the Dark Horse Godzilla universe and I’m looking forward to it. This is a transition comic between the Cybersaur and Bagorah fights but worth it for that link and further character development, mostly for Kate, Take, and Norkio.


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