Or as Blue Falcon calls it, everyday.

Or as Blue Falcon calls it, everyday.

Dynomutt #2

Marvel Comics (January, 1978)

No credits were given for the two stories, which is too bad.

“The Astounding Mr. Mastermind” is threatening to cause every machine in Big City to go haywire unless the city treasury forks over the $1.47 he paid as a kid for an overdue library book. When the Blue Falcon and Dynomutt find his lair he blows up his equipment, thinking he escaped the law. Too bad he has another overdue library book, that has been out so long he ends up in jail anyway.

What they got right: The character models are spot-on to the show. (And unlike the last time I reviewed a Dynomutt comic story the Mayor is black like he’s supposed to be.) I don’t know if Mr. Mastermind appeared in a previous issue like they made it appear but he’s an interesting threat for the heroes.

What they got wrong: The narrator doesn’t quite “sound” like he does on the show.

“Identity Crisis” has a talk show host so insistent on learning the Blue Falcon’s identity that she paints his face hoping to compare the five suspects she has. However, the heroes outfox her and get the other suspects to paint their faces as well.

There’s not a lot to say about this one. It’s shorter, maybe to make room for the Scooby-Doo preview. The show never really did anything with Blue Falcon’s real identity, Radley Crown. That makes it decent enough. I also like how they snuck in a reference to Silver Age Batman stories with the giant phone prop.

Recommendation: Dynomutt fans (like myself) might get something out of this and maybe kids will, too. Otherwise it’s not a stand-out, must-own comic, but it’s a fun read if you see it.

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