Cartoon Network Presents #21

Yes, it’s a take on Batman. We get it.

Cartoon Network Presents #21

Featuring Toonami

DC Comics (May, 1999)

COLORIST: Dave Tanguay
COVER ART: Manny Galan & Mike DeCarlo
EDITOR: Dana Kurtin
Host Segments
WRITER: Andy Merrill
PENCILER:  John Delaney
INKER: Dave Cooper
LETTERER: Phil Felix
Dynomutt: “Cat On A Hot Tin Pooch
WRITER: Dan Slott (yeah, surprised me, too)
PENCILER: Manny Galan
INKER: Mike DcCarlo
LETTERER: John Costanza
Galtar And The Golden Lance: “Zorn To The Rescue”
WRITER: Andy Merrill
PENCILER: John Delaney
INKER: Dave Cooper
LETTERER: Phil Felix

For once no Herculoids. In fact they went with two full-length episode shows, neither of which was on Toonami, even as time filler. I’m assuming I don’t have to explain Dynomutt to you. A martial artist named Cat Mandu must defeat the Blue Falcon to get up in rank but he didn’t count on Dynomutt’s dance moves.

What they got right: While I don’t know if Dynomutt was the right fit for a Toonami issue, which seemed to focus on the more serious shows, it was a good Blue Falcon and Dynomutt short. Cat Mandu and his master could make for a decent recurring problem for Blue Falcon.

What they got wrong: The mayor is supposed to be black, not Caucasian.

Galtar And The Golden Lance is not a show I’ve seen a lot of, but the story follows the title hero and the magic weapon he protects, kind of like Darth Maul’s lightsaber, as well as his traveling companions, the deposed Princess Goleeta and her little brother Zorn, as they try to free their land from the evil Tormack.

When Galtar and Goleeta go fishing for supper they’re attacked by Tormack’s forces, leaving Zorn to have to find a way to get Galtar his lance.

What they got right: A short bit of narration tells the reader all they need to know about the show. The artwork is darn close to what I remember from the show.

What they got wrong: Not a whole lot happens. I think the story might have been more interesting full-length. Instead it feels a bit rushed.

Recommendation: No Herculoids this issue and it’s at least worth it for Dynomutt and Moltar’s bits. The Galtar story is pretty good, too.


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  1. Sean says:

    This was also the last issue of Cartoon Network Presents. If the comic series had continued, maybe there would have been more issues with stories about Galtar and the Golden Lance and Dynomutt.


  2. Sean says:

    wait….it wasn’t the last issue. I’m seeing above that there was an issue 23 with Jabberjaw and Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels!


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