The Transformers #72

“Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!”

The Transformers #72

Marvel (November, 1990)

“All This And Civil War 2”
WRITER: Simon Furman
PENCILER: Andrew Wildman
INKER: Stephen Baskerville
COLORIST: Nel Yomtov
LETTERER: Rick Parker
EDITOR: Rob Tokar

It’s Shockwave versus Scorponok for leadership of the Decepticons, and Optimus Prime, after tending to his people, races to stop it before humans get hurt. Also, he needs the alliance so they can hopefully stop Unicron and save Cybertron and the universe. And then the Neo-Knights show up on the President’s order. Back on Cybertron, Galvatron (shielded within the planet) pumps Xaaron for a way to conquer or destroy Unicron. Finally, on Hydrus Four, Grimlock’s leg locks up while the Dinobots fill a tank with Nucleon, which may heal a mechanical being, but the cost is different for everyone, and sometimes slow-moving.

As much as a Decepticon versus Decepticon battle sounds good, it was done much better during the Underbase saga. Shockwave claims that the Decepticons have become a joke under Scorponok’s reign, but unless something happened in the UK stories he hasn’t done a lot since Furman took over and his plans under Budiansky were quite well thought out (the wrestling thing aside). I’ve said that comic Shockwave is the best Decepticon leader but in this story I don’t think so. Furman writes him too much like a computer, as Zarak says. He’s not the same threat here.

But what really bothers me is the dialog. Xaaron (a terrible Transformer name, by the way) comes off as self-important when he’s just giving us exposition as to why he’s running. We get the famous Furmanism “it’s over, finished” which never fails to elicit a groan. President Bush talks more like Dana Carvey’s impression of the first Bush rather than the actual George Bush. I know Furman is British but is it that hard to find out what the guy you’re writing about actually sounds like, even in the earliest days of the internet? You had to go to Saturday Night Live?

As usual my only recommendation is to stay away from this run. This is not enjoyable to me at all and I don’t see how he gets the approval of so vocal a fanbase where there are easily better writers of Transformers comics.


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