Classic Battlestar Galactica #5

“This is for replacing us with sexy women!”

Classic Battlestar Galactica #5


Dynamite (2007)

WRITER: Rick Remender
ARTIST (including selected cover): Carlos Rafael
COLORIST: Carlos Lopez
LETTERER: Bill Tortelini

Starbuck doesn’t have time to morn Stadra with Cylons swarming the Battlestar. The Cylons then call in back-up to start attacking the fleet. The Viper pilots fight their way to their fighters to defend the fleet while Adama and Freg come up with a plan to turn the tables on the invaders and even Muffet gets to help. With the Cylons destroyed or chased off, the fleet welcomes their new members and prepare to leave their home system (remember, this story takes place between the pilot movie and the two-part series opener) on a quest to find a shining planet called…Earth.

What they got right: It’s a spectacular finish, with Adama getting involved in the fight and being pretty good about it. The characters are in voice and the art is very good. Between this and Buck Rogers, Rafael and Lopez have made a good art and coloring duo.

What they got wrong: Are we supposed to infer that Muffet placed the charges? It’s not really clear. Although I do like the shot of him almost glaring at the transport.

Recommendation: This was a good miniseries. Fans should pick it up and non-fans should give it a try. Next week we’ll conclude with the other miniseries from the time that I have, Cylon Apocalypse.

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