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It’s a strange coincidence that in both the panel and press junket lists I’m doing something with Walter Jones, the original Black Ranger, who appeared at ConnectiCon 2014. However, the press junket was recorded AFTER the panel, so I’m altering my usual video order (or the one I’m trying to set up) in order to get that right. (He also mentions the panel during the junket.)

At the “Power Ranger Q & A” panel, Jones discusses how he got the role, which came first–the black man or the hip hop kedo, his long voyage to Angel Grove, some behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and then has a breakdance battle for good measure.

Okay, some extra links for you. Walter Jones can be found on Twitter and Facebook. The video he recorded at the end is not on his YouTube page, at least as of this writing, but you can go there anyway. If you’re curious about the Beetlejuice stage show he mentioned, my fellow Reviewers Unknown refuge Spazzmaster looked at it as part of his retrospective of Universal Studios Hollywood.

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