Battlestar Galactica Cylon Apocalypse #4

“That’s it, I’m getting a cell phone!”

Battlestar Galactica: Cylon Apocalypse #4


Dynamite (2007)

WRITER: Javier Grillo-Marxuach
ARTIST: Carlos Rafael (including selected cover)
COLORIST: Carlos Lopez
LETTERER: Bill Tortolini

As the Galactica prepares to leave, they will attempt to blow up the wormhole when they pass through, giving them a lead over the Cylons. On the planet, Starbuck fights the growing chaos to reach a communication array and call for a ride, his comm system not able to broadcast. Help arrives just as Abbadon destroys the planet in the hopes of taking the nano-cybrid with them, saving the Cylon race. The fleet makes it through the wormhole before the baseships arrive.

What they got right: This was interesting look into the Cylons. I wonder if more recent releases have looked into Cylons looking to change their way of life? There’s also a nice moment with Starbuck and Cassiopeia.

What they got wrong: If I never read another stranded Starbuck story I’ll be a happy man. There are comics and novels I have never read but between all of the comics I think everyone has done this at least once, twice in the case of Maximum Press and Dynamite, and I’ve seen enough of it.

Recommendation: Fans would do well to pick up the Dynamite run of Classic Galactica. They’re good stories that bring out why I liked the original series.


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