We bring the end of our tribute to Glen A. Larson (what “we”?) with something from his most well-known creation, Battlestar Galactica. To me the debate isn’t whether or not Ron Moore’s re-imagining is superior to the original. To me the problem is that Moore’s version is NOT Battlestar Galactica. In the Sci-Fi Channel series the focus is on war and refugees and more darker themes. Larson’s original vision was an analog for a more spiritual journey, with the war and the Cylons merely a way to drive the story. It was based on his Mormon faith and had a more brighter tone, that the survivors aboard the ragtag fleet would not give up who they are to the Cylons but would find a way to not only survive but adjust to their new lives. The Rising Star is the best showing of this: a mobile entertainment hub (including gambling) in the original and space debris in the re-imagined show.

Instead of going over the comics I reviewed this week for material, tonight’s entry comes from a BSG comic with the classic Apollo and Starbuck doing what they do best: blowing up Cylons with style!

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Ghost” round 7

The Battlefield: Battlestar Galactica: Cylon Apocalypse #2 (Dynamite; 2007)

The Promoters: Javier Grillo-Marzuach (writer), Carlos Rafael (artist), Carlos Lopez (colorist) and Bill Tortolini (letterer)

Apollo, Starbuck, and Doctor Wilker are trapped in the lab as a group of Cylons have somehow blown a hole in the ship and come to hi. With lasers.

"Right next to my credit card"

“Right next to my credit card”

So what is Starbuck’s plan? A reckless one, of course.

"I already had lunch, actually."

“I already had lunch, actually.”

You have to hand it to Starbuck, though. They usually work. When the show’s on, anyway.

Just what we need. Cylon Suicide bombers.

Just what we need. Cylon Suicide bombers.

If you’ve read this miniseries, you already know why suicide bomber is part of the game plan. Except our heroes prefer Triad or anything Starbuck can bet on. (And usually lose.) Also I just found out I haven’t reviewed any of the Dynamite run that I own. Wish I had know that DURING the week. It would have added to the tribute.

Don't worry, kids. I'm sure he'll be fine.

Don’t worry, kids. I’m sure he’ll be fine.

In space nobody can hear you…wait, this is a comic based on a 70s action TV show. You actually can.

Cylon blew up real good.

Cylon blew up real good.

Now that’s how I like my science fiction: fun, actiony, and with evil robots going “KABOOOM!” Farewell, Mr. Larson. They didn’t come any better than you and they never will. Thank you for the memories that survive to this day. I hope you’ve enjoyed my tribute and found a new show to love. Tomorrow it’s back to business as usual here at the Spotlight. In the meantime…

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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