Most people are smart enough not to hunt Godzilla. Track, maybe. Fight, usually. Hunt for sport? Usually, people aren’t that dumb. Maybe they grow them stupid in space?

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“Ghost” round 9

The Battlefield: Godzilla #7 (Dark Horse; December, 1995) “Target: Godzilla” part 3

The Promoters: Arthur Adams (writer/breakdowns), Tatsuya Ishida (penciler), Daniel Rivera & Justin Bloomer (inkers), Cary Porter & Perry McNamee (colorists), and Clem Robins (letterer)

At this point the military had hit Godzilla with a cadmium/curare mix, which weakened Godzilla enough that he was dazed and minus his radioactive breath. The Dinaii took care of the former by shooting him with kaiju-sized arrows and dropping an electrified net on him. But as we’ve already seen, losing the fire beam thingy doesn’t pull Godzilla out of the fight. Especially when the idiot fighting him moves in for close-quarters.



Oops is an understatement, buster.

I bet Godzilla rolls over in his sleep, too.

I bet Godzilla rolls over in his sleep, too.

But this is a group of hunters, so Godzilla goes for the bonus point.

"Next time I go hunting, I'm bringing my parachute."

“Next time I go hunting, I’m bringing my parachute.”

Remember, you don’t hunt Godzilla. Godzilla hunts YOU!

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