Ask me what my favorite toyline is, and I’ll say Transformers…and point you to my bloated Transformers collection. Ask me what the best toyline is, however, and I’ll point to LEGO. No other toyline encourages creativity, problem solving, and design like LEGO. That’s why today’s link is with a toyline, which if you want to connect it BW properly has spun off storytelling media as well as encouraged kids to create their own world, and therein their own stories.

Apparently there’s a problem with the new “LEGO Friends” series. It’s pink. Very pink. Some people out there will make the case that instead of making a toyline for girls they should just put girls in the toyline. Star Power artist Garth Graham, however, makes a defense for the “girly” line as part of the LEGO systems as a positive thing for girls who prefer the girly stuff.

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