Secret Wars II #3

Beyonder is going to need a lot of eye drops.

Secret Wars II #3

Marvel (September, 1985)

“This World Is Mine!”
WRITER: Jim Shooter
PENCILER: Al Milgrom
INKER: Steve Leialoha
COLORIST: Christie Scheele
EDITOR: Bob Budiansky

The Beyonder is chased off of the streets by a cop (whom the One From Beyond freaks out by showing a bit of his home) and meets a prostitute name Toots, who he pays off by creating gold. Toots’ pimp alerts his mobster boss, who names the Beyonder “Frank” and brings him into the mob. As “Frank” gains more experience he ends learning about control and power, becoming more powerful (by Earth standards, not with his Beyonder powers, which are already omnipotent), eventually controlling the world. However, Vinnie (before being controlled along with every Earthing and molecule, except for Molecule Man who frees his wife’s molecules from the Beyonder’s control) has told him that if it’s too easy it isn’t fulfilling and a chance encounter with Circuit Breaker  convinces him that he may have killed that spark in humanity Circuit Breaker wrongly claims The Transformers lack (that comic still canon at the time) convinces him to let everyone go. However, Beyonder’s comment that Toots was just people to him and nobody was different convinces her to leave the hooker life and she becomes a waitress, gaining her self-esteem. Learning he likes helping people, the Beyonder goes to help the Avengers (in Avengers #260), which doesn’t go well but he wants to try again, planning to enlist the aid of Matt Murdock  (see Daredevil #223).

What they got right: While it’s kind of sad the most help the Beyonder gets to learn about humanity came from hanging with the mob, it’s neat seeing him put a whammy on the Kingpin, and seeing he had a positive impact on Toots’ life was also nice.

What they got wrong: But he still got the most help understanding humans in this series from the mob. Better than superheroes and that one bag lady, all of whom were less understanding than one mob boss. Also, and this is a retroactive blunder, Circuit Breaker and the Transformers (who aren’t mentioned by name except in the caption box pointing to issue #9, where she debuted) are not in Marvel continuity. I thought this was where that was established but I guess it just fell away without noting.

Recommendation: Probably one of the better issues of this miniseries because it has some good points, even with the actual lack of secrets or warfare. Thus far it’s the only one I’d recommend looking at.

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