GI Joe (Extreme) V2 #3

Why Stone hates Halloween.

GI Joe Extreme V2 #3

Dark Horse (August, 1996)

“Red Scream” finale “Island Assault”
WRITER: Mike W. Barr
ARTIST: Tatsuya Ishida
COLORIST: David Nestelle
LETTERER: Tracy Hampton-Munsey
DESIGNER: Cary Grazzini
EDITOR: Philip Amara

The Joes defeat their evil twins, but Iron Klaw and his group are already on their way to Joe Island, where Red Scream has gone to get some of their advanced gear…like the sonic tank they were testing in the first chapter of this storyline. It malfunctions (thanks to “GI Joe”‘s sabotage), killing Red Scream and knocking out Iron Klaw, whom the Joes take into custody (since he violated their arrangement by going after Joe Island and that the tank as well as Red Scream).

What they got right: So we learned what happened to the previous GI Joe, as a quick bit of exposition, but it still explains where he’s been. Wreckage gets some good character moments as a guy on the wrong side in search of revenge (although the show would reveal it was Iron Klaw, not the US military, responsible for turning him into a cyborg, then tricking Wreckage). It’s a satisfying ending to the story arc.

What they got wrong: However, I wouldn’t have minded seeing Red Scream show up again, revealed as Commander Roston, who ends up going into hiding, but still having enough connections to Alliance secrets to be a threat set apart from SKAR. Also, how was she in the tank when it exploded but there was still enough left of her to identify?

Recommendation: This was another good arc. Barr took a show that was about guns, blowing stuff up, and being a bad stereotype of what badass is, and made a decent pair of stories out of them. There’s one more issue that we’ll look at on Friday, but these two arcs I’ve reviewed are worth checking out.


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