Looney Tunes #4

It’s her alright. Mirror-breakingly her.

Looney Tunes #4

DC Comics (July, 1994)

Bugs Bunny in “Makeover Mayhem”
WRITER: Jack Enyart
PENCILER: John Costanza
INKER: Dave Hunt
COLORIST: Jo Meugniot
LETTERER: Lorina Mapa
Daffy Duck in “Peking Duck”
WRITER: Jack Enyart
PENCILER: Horacio Saavedra
INKER: Ruben Torreiro
COLORIST: Jo Meugniot
LETTERER: Tim Harkins

Bugs tries to escape Witch Hazel in Petunia’s beauty parlor, but she goes in to get a makeover. Bugs is forced to play makeover artists to escape the witch and save Petunia’s business…although her new clientele is a bit on the monstrous side. This is before Bugs’ ego was Daffy-sized, just with more to back it up. Fun little story.

Speaking of Daffy, we travel along with Ducko Polo as he searches for the perfect food to go along with his beloved meatballs. Taken before Kublai Sam, who now has something other than noodles to eat. Ducko escapes with the noodle recipe and opens a take-out stand. It’s Daffy at his best.

The comic also includes a Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner short and some gag strips. It’s a fun comic that reminds me why I like Looney Tune shorts. Worth picking up.


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