If the Spotlight is back in full production, then it’s time to return to the Friday Night Fights. And Goliath is coming back with us. It’s the fight I was going to use before everything crashed down.

A long time ago BW brought you Goliath, the villain formerly known as Power Man, beating up Rhodey in the Iron Man armor, Goliath taking down Iron Man with help, and finally the West Coast Avengers knocking Goliath out. Since that issue he’s been lying in a cell under the West Coast HQ…until it was time to break out. Now Tony is back in the role and it’s his turn to take on Mr. Josten.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Thunder” round 4

The Battlefield: Iron Man #206 (Marvel; May, 1986) “Prisons”

The Promoters: Denny O’Neil (writer), Mark Bright (penciler), Ian Akin & Brian Garvey (inkers), Bob Sharen (colorist), and Rick Parker (letterer)

We come in after Iron Man ran off to save Rhodey and came back. During that time Hawkeye and Mockingbird were holding him off from Erik’s old cell. Now Shellhead is back and ready to take Goliath down.

You just saw someone punch a giant. I love comics.

You just saw someone punch a giant. I love comics.

But using the Sandman’s tricks aren’t going to help Tony stop this guy. Luckily the currently Silver Avenger has some new tricks up his sleeve.

"Actually, my doctor told me to cut down on pulse bolts."

“Actually, my doctor told me to cut down on pulse bolts.”

Because even a giant with superhard outsides has soft insides. Does that mean Erik’s a softie deep down?

click to vote in this week's tournament

click to vote in this week’s tournament

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