Disney's Darkwing Duck

Somebody forgot to color in the mask.

Disney’s Darkwing Duck #1

Disney Comics (November, 1991)

“Brawl In The Family” part 1: “Darkly Dawns The Duck”
(the issue title is the actual name of the episode this miniseries adapts)
INKER: George Wildman
COVER INKER: Gary Martin
COVER COLORIST: Gail Bailey (you forgot to color the mask)
LETTERER: Gasper Saladino

The daring Darkwing Duck easily dispatched despicable denizens of dark deed with ease, but he wants a shot a big-time criminal. He’s about to get it when he stumbles upon an attempt by henchmen of Taurus Bulba, who secret runs his criminal empire from prison, to steal a government superweapon called the Ramrod. Darkwing’s attempt to foil the robbery lands him (literally) in a hanger owned by Launchpad McQuack (from the Ducktales series). They fly off to continue pursuit but Bulba’s pet vulture sends the masked mallard plummeting again!

What they got right: Allowing for some difference (possibly an earlier draft of the script plus the usual show-to-comic translations) it’s a decent adaptation of the first quarter of “Darkly Dawns The Duck”. It establishes Darkwing, Launchpad, and the villains well enough and ends on a decent cliffhanger.

What they got wrong: I know Darkwing loves to do his own narration but during the chase he seems to be overdoing it. In the actual episode (and I don’t know what changed from draft to adaptation to final episode) it’s Darkwing’s theme song playing over the chase and while that’s not available here not every panel needs dialog in it. And why is the miniseries titled “Brawl In The Family” (which if memory serves was a parody of a Batman tale around this time) when the episode is “Darkly Dawns The Duck”, the name of this issue’s chapter? Nothing in this episode works with this miniseries’ title.

Recommendation: While the episode is available on home video this is still a good beginning to the adaptation. It’s worth picking up if only to complete your Darkwing Duck story in your comic collection.

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